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We are delighted to announce that we have received a very generous donation of £750 from Maidstone Riverside Rotary!  The money was raised   from sponsorships of participants in the Great Home Run which took place over the month of April and raised £3,700 to be shared amongst local charities.

The Great Home Run wasn't just about running it was a fun event to bring the Maidstone Community together in a bid to start the 'home run' back from Covid 19 and to raise money for local charities. it was about doing anything physically challenging for a whole month; dancing, cycyling, working out and actual running. The keeping it up for a whole month was the challenge. So as well as raising money for a good cause it was about keeping fit and helping with mental health and wellbeing. An all round winner of an idea that will hopefully become a regular fixture in the Riverside Rotary's club calendar.

An enormous thank you from Homeless Care to the Great Home Run and everyone who played a part in making it happen.


Maidstone Homeless Care Social

I’m doing really well, I’m in France visiting mum and dad and having a great time, thanks for all your help and everything you’ve done for me. Nick


A little thank you for all your help. Suzanne


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